Magic Blondes

A new poster / screen saver from the Blondes.
“Magic Mike” based on the true stories of the famous “Magic Blondes”

You can download your free movie poster and hang it instead!
Download your free movie poster here!

( Sorry Ladies but we have set the number of times you can print the poster to 100. )
Side note – Jason Cox 100 means 100, not 101!

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We are so hungry we could eat a Bicycle!!

If there is anything the Blondes love more than sweets, it a ton of sweets! We saw this and immediately purchased one as a company vehicle.

A Candy Bike could only bring child like joy and happiness to the office, right?
Good, I’m glad we’re not the only ones who felt that way.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. The first time Rik took the bike out he ate the whole thing before making it a block from the office. Instead of child like joy and happiness, we were left with shame, humiliation and a touch of diabetes.

We had planned to order three more but recently Louis upped it to a baker’s dozen!!

To learn more about the bike’s origin, and view more images, visit the link below.

More about the Candy Bike

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Congrats to HPARC!!!

It’s Fiesta in San Antonio, but that didn’t stop the Hemisfair Park Area Redevelopment Corporation from a successful press conference.

Hemisfair CEO Andres Andujar, Board President Madison Smith and Mayor Julian Castro spoke to a group of people inside Hemisfair Park about the vision and redevelopment of Hemisfair. They discussed the idea to develop a world-class urban park surrounded by mixed-use neighborhoods.

After the conference concluded, members of the audience were invited to take a quick tour of the Eagar House, one of the oldest homes located within Hemisfair which has already begun restoration.

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Mega Blondes: Blondes to strike it rich!!

Lottery ticket lines swelled as the record Mega Millions jackpot grew to $640 million, thanks greatly to players who opened their wallets despite long odds of success. Officials estimate ticket-buyers will have spent more than $1.46 billion on the jackpot by the time Friday night’s numbers are drawn.

The Blondes in house, resident, Peripheral Psychic ( he can see the future, just way off to the left ) has predicted that later tonight, the Blondes will win the $640 million Mega Millions Jackpot! In true Blonde fashion, the boys have preemptively started spending the money that will surely win later this evening.

In addition to the multicolored mink coats and the solid gold waterfall, they plan to purchase the following:

Rik: Immortality, the miniature elephant from that “Mysterious Island” Movie and San Marcos.

Jacob: All the bathing servants from Coming to America!

Louis: Jason Cox as his personal door man (he’ll follow him to every door), a legion of athletes to do Louis’s workouts and a Krispy Kreme in all four corners of the office.

Tomorrow morning the Blondes will also handout, to the first 15,000 haters that show up to an undisclosed location, a Blonde Grill (pictured below). Show up early and pick yours up as a thank you from your New Dictators!!!!!

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Hemisfair Park is now Hemisfair

Hemisfair Park is now Hemisfair, with a new look, a new brand, a new logo. See how we incorporated the ’68 logo into the new brand, while reaching towards the future, bringing the city of San Antonio and the surrounding neighborhoods together as Hemisfair reclaims its place as a hub of entertainment, shopping and living.

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