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What we do, hmmm… easier to start with what don’t we do. We don’t do… lion taiming, ice fishing, port-a-potty pick up or teach math (most of us didn’t get past that class).

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blonde’s social grip

Social Grip is the social media arm of Blonde Creative…Ok, actually we’re both the arms AND the legs. We use our expertise and up to date knowledge of Social Media trends to make sure that the fabulous branding / tools that Blonde creates gets out there. We make certian you get noticed, reaching your following, engaging and growing your social media base. Once you hand your social media to us, we’ll be certain your message is out there.

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our clients

Our clients range from start-ups to non profits to Fortune 500 companies, all which receive the same personal attention we are known for. The “Blondes” have more than 30 years of combined experience (we pretty much refer to them as super powers) that has allowed us to grow with our clients, build long lasting relationships and gain new business through referrals. We do all this while staying true to who we are- a group of grown up kids (let loose at a fun factory) that love what we do.

Everyone Wants To Be A Blonde…

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