The Blondes

We’re raising the bar… in Advertising / Mutlimedia! We’re short… but our vertical leap is amazing.
Clients want new ideas, creative options, and a firm to live up to what they promise, on time and on budget
We do this by – Answers to questions, Solutions for problems, Ideas for your situations, And having fun while we do it!

Who We Are

Opened in 2001 by Louis Cardenas, Blonde Creative is a boutique advertising/multimedia agency that turns things upside down by creating visionary work for their clients. “Blonde” for short, named because they have fun of course, started with the determination to make their clients’ wishes come true, and grew up to be an award winning agency with a multifaceted team. Our clients range from start-ups to non profits to Fortune 500 companies, all which receive the same personal attention we are known for. The “Blondes” have more than 30 years of combined experience (we pretty much refer to them as super powers) that has allowed us to grow with our clients, build long lasting relationships and gain new business through referrals. We do all this while staying true to who we are- a group of grown up kids (let loose at a fun factory) that love what we do.

louis cardenas: founder/creative director
I’ve always enjoyed the creative side of life, but my motto shows my competitiveness…”keep up or get out of the way”. louis has worked with clients from small start ups to international accounts.

“What I do is who I am.” I get into the mind of the client and consumer, extracting the motivation and passion. Then the blonde team expands on the theme, and before you know it we’ve created a great campaign to get inside the consumer’s head.

rik wederstrand: production/art director/web designer
“I’m ahead of trends, and ignore fads. You would never know this considering I have rabbit-ears on my T.V. and Goodwill is my favorite store.”

jacob resendez: production/web designer
“It’s always the quiet ones who create the loudest pieces. Multimedia allows me to scream in the most creative ways. Word up! “