How Soft Are Intern Soft Hands’ Hands?

This summer, our graphic design intern Daniel Pierda (a.k.a. “Soft Hands”) got to see what it’s like to be part of the crazy Blonde Creative team. It’s impressive that he put up with us for so long, TBH.

Why do we call him Soft Hands? Because when he first started his internship, Daniel was extremely quiet. When he did speak, it was always in that calm kind of tone that makes you reevaluate just how “inside” your “inside voice” really is. Regardless, he always worked hard on his projects, and we can appreciate that even if he rarely spoke.

But who is Soft Hands? Well, he’s 26 years old, and currently a junior at Texas State University (Go Bobcats!) where he majors in graphic design and advertising. He has worked on a variety of projects this summer, and we are excited to see him grow and succeed in his career as a graphic designer! But okay, enough of the sappy stuff.

I know what you’re thinking. How “soft” are Soft Hands’ hands? Honestly, we had no idea until I decided to have everyone in the office rate his hands’ softness on a scale of “I’d Hold Hands with Him” to “He Definitely Moisturizes Multiple Times a Day.” So, after some gentle hand caressing and awkwardness, here’s what the Blonde team had to say about how soft Soft Hands’ hands—sidebar: take a shot every time you read “soft” or “hand” throughout this post—actually are:

Louis: “They’re like a rose pedal that has been massaged with coconut oil.”

Rik: “They’re pretty soft. I would say that they’re softer than alizé with a chaser.”

Jacob: “They’re softer than Lebron without AC.”

Ally: “I mean I’m not NOT saying that his hands might be softer than mine. He’s definitely not a stranger to some Bath and Body Work’s Cucumber Melon lotion.”

Daniel (not “Soft Hands” but not “Rough Hands” either): “Imagine Drake wearing chinchilla. You’re welcome for the thought.”

There you have it! Now we send Soft Hands back into the world of education where he will no longer be harassed for the softness of his hands (unless, you know, he’s into that kind of thing).

Also, if you would like to reach out to him and touch his hands for yourself, follow him on Facebook or Instagram!

Thanks for working hard this summer, Daniel! We all wish you the best of luck with the rest of your school and career!

No fake love,
Krissi Madison | Director of Likes

P.S. Thanks for the rad card (see below) and bottle of scotch. You know us too well! But actually, it’s kind of creepy. Don’t make us start calling you “Stalker Eyes.”

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A Blonde Doing Social Media… Go Figure, Right?

If you’re reading this you may have seen that I recently became part of the Blonde Creative team as the Director of Likes. It’s my job to make sure that social media is but one of many effective tools for our clients’ marketing needs.

You may be thinking, “Cool. Another millennial just retweeting and sharing posts.”

I mean, that’s partly true and sometimes I wish it were that simple, but believe me- there’s way more to it.

I understand that social media and how we use it is A L W A Y S changing. I strategize, plan and execute. I have to not only understand how different target audiences think and make decisions, but I also have to be creatively diverse while focusing on the big, main goals- Conversions, Content and Engagement.

Just because Shelly K. commented “OMG love this” on your post doesn’t mean she’s going to buy anything from you, which is the whole point, really. Likewise, someone who sees something you post may not engage with it but still feel tempted to purchase what you’re selling—that is, if the post is eye-catching.

Have you ever stopped and thought about how tried-and-true marketing principles still apply to the digital sphere? I mean, even on Bumble you have to be witty. Oh, and good-looking. You might have to be good-looking AND witty (sigh).

This is all to say: the strength of your content will always matter, regardless of the form it takes. Because good, quality content equals engagement which then equals more conversions and more conversions equals $$$$… I was never too good at math to be honest, but THIS I understand.

Now, for getting this far down the blog I shall give you some free advice–Treat social media platforms as if they were media channels. Really, you have to pay to be seen on social media nowadays.

I understand, however, that not everyone has a I’m-stressed-so-I’m-going-to-Mykonos-for-two-months budget. Totally get it. But I can tell you that there are other ways you can use social media to your benefit without throwing out too much cash, provided you get creative with strategies.

For instance, you can develop relationships with other businesses whose own interests might align with yours, partnering with them to leverage each other’s audiences through cross-promotional postings. I wax your bikini line, you wax mine. If the relationship is right, it can work wonders for your earnings.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to get clever with social media. But you probably don’t have the time to explore those other ways because how many people out there really want to spend their time actually working on social media rather than enjoying it? Not many, which is why I like to call us the Four Leaf Clovers of Marketing. That’s why your business needs a dedicated professional to manage your social media for you. That’s why you need a Blonde, Four Leaf Clover like me.

So let’s talk strategy sometime and see where things go.

Till next time,

Krissi Madison, xoxo | Director of Likes


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The Valentine’s Day Cards You Should Be Sending

I woke up thinking it was just a normal #TacoTuesday, but social media reminded me it’s also Valentine’s Day. I’ll still be enjoying #TacoTuesday today, but maybe add a side of tequila to appropriately celebrate this holiday of love because tacos and tequila ARE love. Anyways, I found joy in searching for Valentine’s Day cards that actually speak the truth. So, single or not, these Valentine’s Day cards are what people SHOULD be sending. Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.34.18 AMScreen Shot 2017-02-14 at 11.34.51 AM

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Magic Blondes

A new poster / screen saver from the Blondes.
“Magic Mike” based on the true stories of the famous “Magic Blondes”

You can download your free movie poster and hang it instead!
Download your free movie poster here!

( Sorry Ladies but we have set the number of times you can print the poster to 100. )
Side note – Jason Cox 100 means 100, not 101!

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We are so hungry we could eat a Bicycle!!

If there is anything the Blondes love more than sweets, it a ton of sweets! We saw this and immediately purchased one as a company vehicle.

A Candy Bike could only bring child like joy and happiness to the office, right?
Good, I’m glad we’re not the only ones who felt that way.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. The first time Rik took the bike out he ate the whole thing before making it a block from the office. Instead of child like joy and happiness, we were left with shame, humiliation and a touch of diabetes.

We had planned to order three more but recently Louis upped it to a baker’s dozen!!

To learn more about the bike’s origin, and view more images, visit the link below.

More about the Candy Bike

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