Hemisfair Park is now Hemisfair

Hemisfair Park is now Hemisfair, with a new look, a new brand, a new logo. See how we incorporated the ’68 logo into the new brand, while reaching towards the future, bringing the city of San Antonio and the surrounding neighborhoods together as Hemisfair reclaims its place as a hub of entertainment, shopping and living.

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Blonde Creative fashions HemisFair Park outreach

San Antonio advertising agency Blonde Creative has won the contract to establish a brand and a website for the HemisFair Park Area Redevelopment Corp., which the city set up to spur the revival of HemisFair and surrounding areas.

“Leading the creative team to develop a new brand for HemisFair that will help define the future of downtown is a huge honor, and we’re excited to work alongside such a strong and passionate HPARC board of directors and committee members,” said Louis Cardenas, Blonde Creative’s owner and creative director.



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Blonde Creative firmly believes in a relaxed working environment.

Ah, the legend of an afternoon nap. We’ve all been there, especially when a previous evening’s activities catch up with us while we’re at work trying to focus on getting things done. (jacob)

Past attempts at grabbing some shut eye from your desk were fraught with issues — mainly around comfort — but there is a proposed solution, and it comes in the shape of the Ostrich pillow.

Combining the benefits of a bed and pillow, the Ostrich takes us one step closer to being able to grab some sleep at work, or other places away from the warmth of our bed.

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To gift the blondes an “O Pillow” please see the head sizing chart below.

Louis – X-Sml
Jacob – Med
Rik – XXL

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Share-N-Share 2011 was a success.
We collected piles of costumes, as you can see. There is a conference table under there somewhere…We Promise. That is only a portion of the donates Costumes. We will be doing it again next year and we will keep you posted on other way you can GET INVOLVED-N-MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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Blonde Creative & Alamo Crossfit get Back to Back Pukies

Every year around this time, the Crosssfit community comes together for a one day event to raise funds for various charities. At the event, each athlete is challenged to complete a 3 round WOD ( Work Out of the Day ). Each round consist of 5 stations and the athlete spends 1 min at each station completing as many reps as possible. The event raises millions of dollars every year.

Each participating gym is also challenged to create a video chronicling the event. Gyms around the globe participate and at the end of it all, 1 video is chosen as the best video of the year. The winning video is awarded the prestigious best video trophy aptly named “The Pukie”! Blonde Creative and Alamo Crossfit are proud to have won the Pukie for the second consecutive year. Check out the video below.

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