lady liberty kicks butt…

look who’s coming by the office tomorrow. an 8ft karate kicking lady liberty statue. she’s inspired by the 911 events involving the challenge uttered by united airlines flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer and his famous line “let’s roll”. she’ll be here from 10 am through the day. more info at www.libertyletsroll.comLady Liberty at blonde headquarters

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while you were asleep…

the girls over at …miss roxy derek were thinking of lou!!! they stayed up all day and night planning what would be the start of a great birthday for louis. i wonder what’s for lunch!!! love you julie and danielle!

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blonde launches klrn kids…..

we have finally launched the new klrn kids site! ellen, katrina, david & charles over at klrn rock so of course this was a fun project to work on. we look forward to having more opportunities like this. thanks alot guys!

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“bring bad design to justice”

You can run, but you can’t hide!

Art & Creative Directors everywhere, in a joint effort with the Design-Police, are on the prowl for “Defaulted Typefaces”, “Poor Retouching”, “Design Clichés” and much, much more. Tighten up your skills or else…

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waiting for “model of agency integration”…

should agencies have seperate on and offline departments? should everyone be responsible for being experts in both?

the pluses and minuses of both approaches

-speaker: pete lerma / the Richards group

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